The diversity of the arts

The diversity in artforms 


The mind of an artist is a little bit different from everybody else’s. Artists tend to be a little bit on the weird side sometimes. Some of the weirdest people you have ever met maybe artists, but their minds are extremely creative and they’ve created some of the best sculptures you have ever seen in your life. We have to give everything to artists because they’re the ones who inspire other people to open up their minds and think outside of the box. Artists come from all different types of industries. The person who invented the computer you could consider an artist because they just created something that change the world. Art does not have to stick to sculptures and  pieces that you hang up on walls for people to look at. Something you learn can be an artform. Some people teach martial arts which are art forms of human expression through physical contact. Somebody who creates a martial art has just created an entire artform that  millions of people can learn. A lot of people use martial arts is the stress reliever just as they would use ceramics and or painting.

If you have any creative idea in your head, then you are an artist. If you were thinking of the next big social media that you think is going to change the world, congratulations you are an artist. You were thinking outside of the box to find something that is going to have an impact on human lives.  The individual art pieces that people make is less important than the art form as a whole. People decided to do ceramics because it is a passion of theirs and a very good relaxation technique, not because they want to  create pieces to show people. They could care less about what they make, it is all about the feeling they get when performing the actions.

One huge art form that is out there is business. There are all sorts of creative businesses and entrepreneurial people out there that have ideas that can change the whole world. All they need to do is have their ideas heard. We think perhaps entrepreneurialism is probably the number one greatest art form on the planet  because it is the most tangible for people to be successful in.

Other things like sports and high adrenaline hobbies are their own art from just well. For example, snowboarding is a huge artform that millions  of people around the world participate in. Defective taking basically a piece of fiberglass and sliding down snow on it is an idea that one man pioneered at one point in time. He was thinking, what can I create to surf on snow? He had this idea that he could literally change the world  with one simple idea. And that man was right, because it indeed did change the world and brought snowboarding to what it is today.

Another form of art might be the creation of exotic cars. Cars like Lamborghinis and Maseratis are ones expression and life’s dream into machine that other people can use.  Think that exotic cars are some of the greatest start forms around because they’re absolutely elegant. Just to think that a car can have so much love and soul put into it that is handcrafted excellence. It is awesome knowing that you’re driving something that was one man’s whole life mission to create.  Sometimes when people create things, it is all their life’s experiences wrapped up into one package. For example, we met a man who created his dream house and it was all his life’s experiences put into one building. This was a man that was in the contracting world for quite some time building bridges, resorts, and apartment complexes. He told us that he took all the ideas from those projects that he worked on over 30 years and comprised all those ideas together to create this masterpiece of a house.

As you can see, there are thousands of different art forms out there. So essentially, everybody who has a creative idea is an artist on this planet. Our biggest message to you guys is that you get out there and do something to try and change the world and make your artform become known. Thanks  for tuning in and we hope to see you guys back.

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