Modern art versus classic

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In this blog post we are going to be  talking about modern Art versus classic car. We will be discussing what the differences between both are so that you can tell when you see it. We will have a list of what modern Art is and then a list to be a little bit of what classic art is.

Modern Art

Modern Art is different then most start because it is it’s own genre in a sense. They do not mean modern art as in all art of this age. What they mean is the actual genre called modern Art. Modern Art is usually abstract pieces that are of the modern era basically. It uses every day materials to make piece of art. So for example if somebody might use  Old pop cans to make a robot looking sculpture or something like that.  Are many pieces of modern Art out there. All you have to do is look around everywhere you walk. Especially in cities you’ll see a bunch of this type of art. You’ll see sculptures made out of bended Sheetmetal, hands, graffiti, PPC pipe, and many other materials that people use in there every day life.  Modern Art is actually a very interesting genre and style of art because it really brings out the expression in a lot of people versus just painting. Back in the day are just used to be all about painting pictures but now people are making sculptures and things of that sort.

vintage/classic art

Vintage art is generally old paintings. This is art that has been around for hundreds of years that has been passed down from generation to generation. A lot of these pieces are often times worth millions of dollars because they were made by famous artists from back in the day. These will also often times be extremely rare pieces that are hard to get your hands on. A good example of classical art would be the Mona Lisa which is the most  renowned painting in the world. There is so much rich classical art around this world that is in museums if you want to go see it. We believe that our art would not be what it is today without the vintage pieces because we would have nothing to inspire us to go out and create art ourselves. We have to give credit  to the old artists because how did they even create the paintings they did? They didn’t even have the access to the types of colors we have even with painting now. And it seems that the quality Inn the pictures from back then is so much higher than it is now even with our electronic systems.

we recommend that you check out this video about vintage art.

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