Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

The Hunterian Museum And Art Gallery The Hunterian Museum and Art gallery is one of the finest University museums with an amazing collection of art. It ranks top five among the major collections in Scotland and includes over a million items which feature ancient art from the Roman age which features; dinosaur remains, gem stones, coins, medical implements, preserved human organs, and many more. The museum itself is based within Glasgow University which in itself is an architectural treasure.There is a wide variety of objects for you to explore and what’s more, entry is free. For those interested in Antonine wall and Roman archaeology, this museum is quite fascinating to explore. There is a huge collection of slabs from the Antonine wall, and sculptures which are quite a sight to behold. The exhibits are exotic and unusual to keep you occupied for about an hour. The articles tell the history of the medical world and other inventors. These are objects that were invented and used during ancient times. These items are hard to come by but Hunterian museum has preserved them for you to visit and see. The museum narrates the story of Romans in Scotland. The specimens may not be so pleasant to see but are quite educative and are the reason for today’s advancement in medical knowledge. Getting to the Museum offers quite a sight since it is located within the Glasgow university building. The many attractions in this part of the city will leave you spoilt for choice. The Scottish architecture is so telling of their innovativeness. Charles Rennie Mackintosh house is among the popular ancient architectural structures you will have a glimpse of while on your way to this famous museum. It is located within the Hunterian. It is also free to visit but you must book an hour’s slot since only 12 people are allowed in at a time.

Chislehurst Caves

The Natural Beauty in Chislehurst Caves in UK Chislehurst Caves are 22 miles of a series of caves in in the south eastern side of London, a short distance from Chislehurst Railway station. To enter the caves, you have to go through Caveside Close, where the entrance is found. It is convenient enough to allow visitors easily access it by bus, train and personal cars. It has a large parking at the entrance for the vehicles. The caves were initially dug by miners, who found them as chalk and flint mines. They were used as ammunition depot in World War 1, but became popular for safely sheltering people from aerial bombing and attacks in World War 2. They are deep enough, in addition to being deep. Other than tourists visiting the caves to see great World War 2 fortress, they find the dark deep caves natural and fascinating. There are also other attractions inside, such as the Druid Alter and the Cave Church, in addition to the Haunted that depict the caves as religious shrines of the early days. The caves are so natural, you would refute the fact that they were dug by men. A tour guide leads the tourists through each of the tunnels, using a lamp. They explain to the tourists the history of the caves as related to the Romans, Saxons and other people who inhabited Britain in the early days. They also ask any question related to the caves, and their friendly nature and deep knowledge of the caves make the tour more thrilling. Chislehurst Caves are ever flooded with visitors from all over the world, and are fit for all groups of people, ranging from school kids to families. There is a gift shop, from where you can buy gifts for friends and carvings for memory. A café is also present, which serves meals and snacks to the visitors. A trip to the caves definitely turns out the most thrilling experience of a lifetime.